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CR500 Electric start kit



The panthera electric starter has been specially designed to be bolt on the CR500 oem engine without any modification needed to the cases.
The CRF450x reversed flywheel allows to have all mechanical operations done near the starter cover instead of deep in the case like other engines.
The actual kit includes all component needed except the battery and the push button.
*The starter will not fit the old PJ carb with the big fuel inlet. Carb modification is needed.

What your are paying for:

-Billet starter housing

-Electric motor

-New billet flywheel with high strength magnets

-Flywheel holder high strength steel

-Stator with 90w auxiliary power

-One way bearing

-Stator back plate

-Main ring gear

-Crown gear

-Intermediate gear

-General bearings

-Bolting insert and needle bearing race

-Gaskets and hardware

-Sprocket guard and motor holder


-Starter relay



Electric starter kit are made per order, expect few weeks delivery.

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